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The Missing Cure

Try to escape the virtual world by taking the cure and leaving the cursed world! · By abbasazzam419


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Hey guys, Season 2 is out with a huge SALE!
Hey guys, Season 2 is out with a huge SALE! Get it now before the 50% sale ends. 15+ Hard Levels...
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Mega Sale!
Hey Gamers , get The Missing Cure now with 50% sale off, and enjoy the best experience while new unique and amazing levels are being added as the game is update...
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The Missing Cure is in a Bundle
Hey, I am glad to announce the "The Missing Cure" is in a bundle that contains different and amazing games that will entertain you all day, save 51% off. Try ne...
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Hey guys, playtesters are needed.
Hello everyone. I need some Playtesters to test the demo and give me some feedback about the game. PLaytesters will get a special role in my discord server : "A...
Hey guys, should I continue?
Hey guys, need your opinion. Do I continue creating the game and make it better? The one on the page is till a Demo. I am just unsure because it was a game made...
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Hey. I made a video with the game. It was fun. I would recommend placing smaller colliders though. :D Let me know if you...
started by Vlad Sep 07, 2021
3 replies
Pretty good
started by Banana Seed Studios Sep 02, 2021
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